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Ok, so recently Noah Antwiler a.k.a. Spoony and That Guy with the Glasses parted ways. When I saw it on the TGWTG website, I honestly thought it was just a case of two parties parting ways in a neutral manner and moving on to other things. No harm. No foul. They're still a family. Of course it didn't take long for me to find out other wise. In what apparently people like to call the "Spoony Breakdown" he got into it with Obscurus Lupa and from there, all hell broke loose. If I'm correct and from what I've read, these are the bullet points for the issue because people keep bring it up:

1. He made a rape joke towards fellow reviewer, JesuOtaku, for which he has apologized.

2. A month later, Lupa confronts him publicly about the incident.

3. Things blow up. He gets into a twitter war with fellow reviewers and even some fans.

4. He lashed out at some people who claimed to be trying to help him and some stood up for him.

5. Before all of this, he had a girlfriend named Scarlett in which things ended between them. It doesn't take a genius to know that he had a rough go of it following. Just look at his vlog reviewing Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. It's that obvious.

I'm going to start with number 1. So people are pissed at Spoony for making a rape joke. They're calling him vile, disgusting, etc because of a rape joke. Umm yea here's the thing, if you're pissed at him for making the're a goddamn hypocrite. When you watch the videos from TGWTG, plenty of reviewers make what you would call "distasteful" jokes. That includes rape. I admit, dark humor is not for everyone and I've seen some of her videos and have not seen her go that route. Maybe she's into dark humor, maybe she isn't. I don't know her as a person. I don't know Spoony as a person..which let's be honest, most of us fans do not know any of the reviewers as a person so who the fuck are we to be judging to begin with? Still, as far as I understood, he apologized. Was all forgiven? I'm not sure. Assuming that a month ago he was still part of TGWTG and that he and Jesu are both in the 4th Anniversary movie, I'd say yes. That's just me though. I don't know what it's like behind the curtain. Now if dark, crude humor is not your thing, that's cool, then that means there are some reviewers you don't watch and may never will. Otherwise, I call bullshit.

Now on to 2. I like Lupa. I watch her videos. But to bring up something that died a month ago and in public? Let's be honest Lupa, that wasn't very professional of you. I take it back, I might be wrong in saying it died a month ago. I don't know how tense things were when it happened nor how long. I don't know when Spoony apologized. Could've been the day before shit went to hell for all I know. It's their business. Thing is, if Lupa wanted to confront him, she should've just done so in a setting away from public eyes. It brings me to number 3. Yes, Spoony was just as unprofessional. To be honest, I'm more on his side in this case because I've been there. Dealing with issues that could've led to a fallout. Finding a way to patch things up, move on, and then some third party decides to throw in their two cents and start shit in the process. That is not cool. There's a time. There's a place. Also let's be real here..I saw Spoony's twitter page and Lupa's. Not that long after Spoony's release from TGWTG, Lupa made a joke about beating her cat with a hose...annnnd no one is giving her shit for that? Abuse is A-Ok, but rape is bad! *Does a cheesy thumbs up* I don't know much about the reactions and responses from the other reviewers. I know Angry Joe defended him. I know Oancitizen didn't attack him, but did try to play peacemaker at some point and even tried to reach out to Spoony. With those, I'm going by what I saw on Spoony's twitter page.

Now Lordkat..if there was anything else people brought up, it's about Lordkat jumping in and apparently telling Spoony he should kill himself, to which he apologizes to fans for the comment but not Spoony.

So.... telling someone to kill themselves and genuinely meaning it as an insult then apologizing to third parties instead of the person it was thrown at directly is A-OK, but making a rape joke towards someone and then apologizing to said person is bad! *Cheesy thumbs up and smile*

If you are ok with that, you are an idiot and a hypocrite. Lordkat threw that at him as an insult. Not a joke. He was serious. Spoony makes a rape joke, but I highly doubt he actually wants to rape Jesu. That would be wrong for obvious reasons and would make him a horrible human being. As for fans and other third parties. Yeaa... here's the thing, no matter what..if some third party starts jumping in and wanting a go at you...expect to get hit. You look for trouble, you get trouble.

Now for 4. There are those who actually tried to reach out to Spoony, sure but there are some who clearly have no idea what it means to help someone. From Spoony's and the pages of others, there are some whose idea of helping is telling him things like "Suck it up," "Get over it," and even telling him that his issues don't matter. For one, to whoever said that, FUCK YOU! Not saying that for Spoony's sake. I'm saying it for my own. So anyone having a hard time and going through things don't matter? Is that what you're saying? Who the fuck are you to declare that? So if you're going through shit, would you want someone to tell you that your problems ain't shit and they should just get over it? Seriously dude, fuck you. Seriously I'm pissed just having read that. I've dealt with depression, suicide attempts (which for that insult, fuck you Lordkat), and have friends who dealt with their own issues. In fact let me ask..are there anyone who hasn't gone through something? I highly doubt it but that doesn't mean their issues aren't anyless important. And yes some can have a sense of humor. Hell there are some comedy routines and jokes parodying the type of issues I been through and I can have a great laugh. See I know the difference between a joke and insult. And granted others do too and still won't like the jokes, but, again certain types of comedy are not for everyone.

As for those who actually were trying to reach out and ended up being lashed out at, yes Spoony's wrong for having done so. I can't defend that and won't bother to. Sometimes you can't reach someone who either doesn't want to be helped or isn't ready for it. As for Spoony himself, he does need to recognize when someone is reaching out to him. For some he has embraced them and others he swatted their hand away. I've been on both ends of the spectrum myself in the past and honestly it might not be the last time I go through something like that again.

Now for 5. The Scarlett breakup. I have no idea how people discover things about the reviewers personal lives like relationships. I don't want to know how. Still key word is, personal. Yes I learned of it because people love to bring these type of things up. I don't know the details. Don't want to know the details. Unless there's gonna be a bio from Spoony himself about it, the details are only between him, Scarlett and whoever is in that particular circle that either shared with. Still some people kept bringing up that he's acting out because he's still depressed about the breakup. So what if he is? Listen, anyone whose been through a break up knows the affects it can have on someone at their worst. I've been there. Others have been. I don't know how much the break up played into it as it was months ago. As far as I know, the issue has little to do with his relationship and deals with things getting heated between two people and it expanding into something huge and involving third parties.

All in all, this is a mess and I gotta be honest, reading the twitter pages has been really uncomfortable. Personally, the issue between Lupa and Spoony should have been private and Spoony should not be the only one blamed for it getting out of hand. Lupa's hands are dirty too and so are the hands of the various third parties who went in and added fuel to the fire. You know who you are. This whole thing is a matter between the TGWTG circle. It doesn't make anyone look good. You got people being hypocrites. Some making jokes about the whole incident yet want to call the people involved assholes. Some exploiting the incident and making their own videos. Really this whole thing is none of our business. Not mine. Not any of the fans. Why am I writing this blog? Well since people decide they want to throw in their 2 cents, I'm just gonna throw in my own.

I'm a fan of Spoony. I'm a fan of JesuOtaku. I'm a fan of Lupa. I'm a fan of TGWTG. No one is perfect. We're all human. We have flaws. I'll continue watching and following them. A lot of us like to pretend we know what they are like in person, but unless we actually met them, the closest we'll get are blogs and twitter. Who the hell are we to judge and be so righteous?
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Those who read my entries and enjoy the Green Arrow stuff are curious about the name of the Masked Man I'm sure. Well I finally have the code name. The Red Condor. As for his look? Sadly I have no one to draw for me and I don't own a scanner and I'm not that good, so I'm going to post a series of pics to help you visualize.

Now for starters. In my story, we know Roy Harper is the Red Condor. I mentioned how he looked before, but I thought I'd make it easier.


Now I happen to the like whole coat and fedora hat look. It can make a guy look so badass or menacing. Here, Black Hornet just looks menacing and you can just feel it off the page. That's generally what I wanted to go for with Red Condor. Obviously RC's coat and hat won't be black. They're going to be a light brown.

Now for what's under the suit.


Take that mask off Ultimate Hawkeye, remove the bullseye, and color it red. We have our Mask. Take that mask and with the addition of the hat, it should be enough to completely hide Roy's hair. 

Finally, the rest of the suit.


As you can see, I'm going with this incarnation of Roy's Arsenal costume. Plus I happen to like this suit. I'm going to alter it a bit. For one, stitch the mask to it. We know Roy has a cybernetic arm. He's gonna need to hide that fact, so his left arm will be completely covered with a long sleeve and glove. His right arm will be sleeveless, so the short sleeve is gone, but the glove stays.  Now at the time of the big reveal, that glove and the mask will be gone. 

There's one more thing.  His voice. Obviously his voice can and will be recognized, so imagine him using a device that'l make him sound deeper, you know like one of those voice changers someone uses for a phone.  His voice changer will be in his mask.

Additionally we need weapons.  Twin .45's, later he modifies them to make them similar to that of Prometheus' gauntlets, meaning they can fire various types of projectiles meant to incapacitate other heroes, albeit without serious injury or death in this case.  He also has non-lethal bullets. When it comes to taking down criminals, he uses more lethal projectiles and real bullets.  Clearly he'll have taken a page out of Prometheus' book and have them connected to a system to know when to use what. He's also a wizard with knives, having various kinds, combat, throwing, push. Lastly he'll wield twin butterfly swords.

So there you have it. The look of the Red Condor. Close your eyes and visualize. Can you see it? Like it? Hate it? Let me know. Anyone want to volunteer to draw it, feel free to submit it in comments.
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